Blaine High School 2016-17 Yearbook


This is a special time of year for seniors and their families, you may submit your senior picture via; flash drive, CD, email, (jpeg file) or standard picture. PLEASE: no CELL PHONE pictures.  These will be returned to your senior. Please include your seniors first and last name when submitting.

The deadline for submitting senior pictures is December 2nd; however we will accept them now if you have them done.

What we are looking for:

Portrait (head and shoulders/ torso)

Keep backgrounds neutral

Please, no hands or props near the face, no full body shots, or images where the senior is laying down.

IF YOU CANNOT GET SENIOR PICTURES TAKEN, please let the Yearbook staff know so we can use his/her ASB photo.  Many photographers will do a Yearbook photo sitting and then allow you to come back to finish the remaining photos later in the year.


Janell Kortlever, Blaine:   201.9667

Shawn Robins, Blaine:     656.5211

Angie Dixon:    332-2544

Jonathan Harbst (360) 510-3426 Jonathan Harbst photography on facebook

If you have any questions regarding senior pictures please don’t hesitate to call or email Jen Wheeler the yearbook advisor

332-6045 ext 1340


2016-2017 Yearbook

Capture your child’s high school memories by buying the 2016-2017 yearbook.

Yearbooks are currently on sale at a discounted price of $45.00. This price will increase October 1, 2016 to $50.00, which will be the final price. You may purchase your son’s or daughter’s yearbook at any time during the school year. Just be aware we only order 360 yearbooks, so you don’t want to wait too long. Yearbooks will be distributed in June.

Bring money to the high school office.

Current Announcements

Yearbook advisor: Jennifer Wheeler

360.332.6045 (Ext. 1340) or

Email to: