Core State Standards

Helpful websites and documents for Blaine School District
while learning about and implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

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"Parent-friendly" Information
        Three-Minute Video Explaining Common Core State Standards
                Link to Common
                Core Video Overview on Vimeo
        National PTA - Common Core State Standards Initiative
        National PTA - Parents' Guide to Student Success

Overview Information
for Teachers
        Common Core State Standards Initiative Homepage
Hunt Institute Videos
            - Commissioned in part by the Council of Chief State School Officers and narrated by the actual writers of the standards

        Teaching Channel Videos: Covering Common Core Math, Science, English, and More
        OSPI Transition to New Standards
Including a comparison with current WA standards (done by both an external agency and by WA teachers)
            - Also including the Washington State implementation timeline
comp comp
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium - the "new test" that will be given starting in 2014-2015
        Smarter Balanced Summary of Core Components
        Smarter Balanced Homepage
        Sample Released Items
            - Samples of what the Smarter Balanced test items will look like and including rubrics for grading
        FYI:  PARCC Homepage
            - This is the homepage for the "other" test being used by the remainder of the United States

Special Populations
        Application of the Standards for English Language Learners
        Framework for English Language Proficiency Development Standards
            - Corresponding to the CCSS and Next Gen Science Standards
        Application to Students with Disabilities
        Dynamic Learning Maps
            - Alternate assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities

Revised Publishers Criteria for ELA/Literacy and Math
        Publishers Criteria

English Language Arts & Literacy
in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

        Viewing the CCSS
        Downloading the CCSS
            - Including the reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language standards plus appendices A, B, and C

        The Teaching Channel Overview Video
            - Introduction video shown during LID on February 4, 2013
OSPI ELA K-12 Map of Skills and Concepts

"I Can" Statements
        ELA standards written in kid-friendly language (you can also search for different versions of these via Google)
        Common Core "I Can" Statements

Vertical Articulations
        ELA standards re-arranged for viewing as K-12 progressions

Six Shifts

        Hunt Institute Overview Video
   - Introduction video shown during LID on February 4, 2013
        Oregon Department of Education Common Core "Shifts"
        Description of shifts by
            - Yes, they boil them down to three shifts!

Shift 1 - Increase Reading of Informational Text
        Range of Text Types (K-5)
        Range of Text Types (6-12)

Shift 2 - Text Complexity
        Text Complexity

        Text Complexity Grade Bands
            - According to, but this is not the only acceptable quantitative measure of a text
        Texts Illustrating the Complexity, Quality, & Range of Student Reading K-5
        Texts Illustrating the Complexity, Quality, & Range of Student Reading 6-12

Shift 3 - Academic Vocabulary

Shift 4 - Text-based Answers (Are we asking questions that require students to have read the text?)
        Using Evidence in Writing
            - A Policy Research Brief by the National Council of Teachers of English
        Guide to Creating Questions for Close Analytic Reading
        Aspen Institute Primer on Close Reading
        Closing Reading Exemplars (Grades 3-12 Samples)
Shift 5 - Increase Writing from Sources
        Appendix C - Samples of Student Writing

Shift 6 - Literacy Instruction in all Content Areas
        Appendix B - Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks
Lesson Planning
        Close Reading Lesson Exemplars
        "Tri-State Quality Review Rubric"
For evaluating the quality of a lesson plan or unit
                - These were not designed to evaluate teachers but to provide a means for reflection

New York State ELA Curriculum Maps
                - For reference to see an example of a yearly plan

Writing Rubrics
                - These are adapted from rubrics created and made available by the Elk Grove Unified School District of California; credit for this source must be included on the rubrics
        Grade 6 Opinion/Argument
        Grade 6 Informational/Explanatory
        Grade 6 Narrative

        Grade 7-8 Argument
        Grade 7-8 Informational/Explanatory
        Grade 7-8 Narrative

        Grade 9-10 Argument
        Grade 9-10 Informational/Explanatory
        Grade 9-10 Narrative

        Grade 11-12 Argument
        Grade 11-12 Informational/Explanatory
        Grade 11-12 Narrative

        Grades 6-12 Research Addendum

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics