Superintendent's Message February 19, 2021

Good evening students, staff, families and community, 

It has been a very busy week for us, as the BHS Borderites have hosted three athletic competitions this week, and we have had visitors on our campus for the first time in almost a year. Two more will take place tomorrow, Saturday, February 20th. Although COVID restrictions limit the number of supporters who can attend, the events will livestream for free on our new YouTube channel, Borderite Sports. Visit for our full schedule of sporting events. 

A few important guidelines regarding athletic events;

  • Only those who have received a ticket in advance may attend an event 

  • For football games - a parking pass will be required to drive onto campus

  • Please bring your completed health attestation to the event entrance (distributed with tickets)

  • Temperatures will be taken at the event entrance

  • Visiting fans are not permitted at away games

  • All campus visitors must wear a mask at all times

  • Per Governor Inslee’s Sporting Activity COVID-19 Requirements a maximum of 200 people are permitted at an event

  • If you do not have a ticket and a parking pass for football - please do not come on campus

  • People congregating in parking lots or along fence lines on school grounds will be asked to leave

We know many of you are disappointed by the attendance restrictions on our sporting events, and we understand. We want to see our stands full of fans and have our athletes feel the energy of your support. We know there may be times when it feels as though following these guidelines is unfair, but going against them risks potential consequences for our students, such as lost opportunities to continue participating in extracurricular activities. We ask for your understanding and support as we celebrate this opportunity our students have been given to play the sports they love, however different it may be for us all.

It is a great night to be a Borderite, and, as always, a great night to be your superintendent. 


Dr. Christopher Granger