covid-19 faq's

This page contains current answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

What are our educational plans during the closure?

We are now providing online learning to all students grades K-12. Families in need of a chromebook in order to complete the schoolwork should email chromebooks@blainesd.org

How can my child receive meals during the closure? 

The district is providing meals to children ages 0-18 during the closure. Visit our COVID-19 Nutrition Plan page for times and locations for meal pick-up, which includes delivery by school bus along existing bus routes. 

Will COVID-19 affect the last day of school?

The situation we find ourselves in is continually evolving with updated guidance coming from the state regularly. As of April 28, 2020, the last day of school for all students is June 19, 2020. 

How long will school be closed?

Our campuses will remain close to in classroom instruction through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Will school start online again in August or will we be back in class? 

We, like you, are awaiting further guidance from the state regarding this question. 

When will my student be able to get their belongings out of the school? 

As of the week of April 27, 2020, staff are working to bag up all student belongings still in the building. Plans are being put in place for what we believe will be a drive up pick up time, to take place in the rear parking lot near the gymnasiums. Families will be assigned drive up times based on the first letter of their last name. As soon as all the logistics have been worked out, a district wide announcement will be made.