For Our Senior Class of 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020 @ 8:20 P.M. (20:20), Blaine School District will join WIAA, and schools all across the State of Washington, and light its stadium lights for 20 minutes to honor the Senior Class of 2020. 

This is not a replacement of any potential official commencement ceremony for the class, but rather a chance to join together locally, regionally, and across the state to recognize the seniors whose high school experience was harshly and abruptly ended without many of their "lasts".  There won't be a last Ski to Sea parade or concert, a last drama performance, a last game or match, a senior prom, and so much more. Most importantly, they did not get a last goodbye to their friends and to the staff who mean so much to them. Our hearts ache with them, and we want them to know we, the school and the community, will be the light for them through these dark times.

While we want to acknowledge and celebrate our seniors and let them know we are in this together, we must also include with this message an essential reminder. We live in new times, and it is extremely important that everyone continue to respect the Governor's Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. For your safety, and because we care about you, the school district campus remains closed to all students, families and non-essential staff. Please respect this closure, and do not attempt to gather. 

We, and other districts across Washington, will post pictures of the lights using #BeTheLightWA.