Blaine Thrives Community Survey

In partnership with the Whatcom County Health Department, Blaine School District has been working towards the formation of a broad, community-based, prevention network to enhance collaboration and ongoing planning for the social-emotional needs of our youth. The strategic planning initiative, known as Blaine Thrives, will set a healthy vision for the community to address and support the needs of all children, youth, and families.

The Health Department is facilitating this comprehensive process by working with community leaders to surface key challenges and needs impacting the students and families of the Blaine School District. This process involves a series of meetings, with initial emphasis being placed on the analysis of multiple sources of data. Our immediate objective is to collect data from Blaine parents or guardians through an anonymous survey. 

This anonymous survey includes 20 questions which offer residents in our community the opportunity to share their perspectives on school and community strengths, youth behaviors, parental concerns, family support, substance use, and related topics. A summary of all information collected by the survey will later be reviewed by the overall Blaine Thrives group and will ultimately serve to inform goals, action plans, and some funding specific to supporting our local youth and families.

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