How we handle these issues:

5th Graders are the leaders of our school. Given the years of experience they have, we have high expectations for their behavior.

Students who have difficulty meeting expectations will be given opportunities to improve their behavior. The steps that we be taken look like this:

First, we all may have a little problem with being perfect, so Mr. D's first step will be to gently remind you of a rule, or to let you know that you need to get back on track. This may be done with "the look" he uses to nudge you back to work, or he may say "I need to see your learner skills" or something to get you back on track. This is not a step that carries any other consequences.

The next step will come if a student continues to be off track. Mr. D will remind you once again to get on track. This is a warning, and a chance to get focused. This step may also include a "needs work" point on ClassDojo.

If a student still continues to be off track, they will be given a "Reflect - Choose - Act" assignment, or RCA. They will take that assignment to another class and complete it. The first time a student gets an RCA, they will be expected to use the time to plan how to improve and correct their behavior. If they are successful, the issue is taken care of, but a record is kept of all RCA assignments.

Sometimes students receive another RCA within a short period of time. (within a couple of weeks or so) If that happens, parents are contacted by phone. It is expected that students will correct their behavior at that point. If behavior continues to be an issue, parents will be invited to a conference with the teacher and principal and a behavior plan will be developed.

Students who keep their behavior on track are always eligible for school events to celebrate their good work. Students on behavior plans will also be given the opportunity to earn that back too.
5th grade homework should take about 50 minutes per night. This only counts actual work time. If a student "kind of" works, they may take longer.

Homework includes:
- Reading for 30+ minutes per night.
- The remainder of the homework time may include:
completing a reading log, math assignments, finish incomplete work from the school day, working on other projects for their class, studying spelling words or vocabulary.

- Lower grades will be recorded in both the subject grade and the work habits areas
- Teacher will notify the parent when missing homework becomes a concern (this may be a phone call, letter, planner note, or progress report)

My homework policy is simple. We will normally have two assignments each evening. They are due at 8:20 AM the following day. The usual assignments will be to read 1/2 hour, make an entry in the reading journal, and a math assignment.

There are other assignments the students are expected to do, too. Each week they will be responsible for a "word sort" and to study subject specific vocabulary. The vocabulary will be posted on the website, and be available in class.

Homework is assigned on Monday through Thursday evenings. On Friday, I will usually try to remind students to catch up their missing work, but do not make a new assignment.

Students may always make up missing homework, but there will be a cutoff date about 2 weeks before each report card. Old work will not be accepted after that time.