Website Log-in Instructions For Timez Attack

**If you’ve played Timez Attack on your home computer before, you must delete the icon on the desktop before you begin the instructions below.

1. Go to the website:

2. Select ‘Windows’ or ‘Mac’

3. After it launches, select “Paid School” select your state, district, and school.

4. Type in “blainex” for the student password.

5. Under Troubleshooting in the upper left hand corner, hit ‘re-cache.’ Once it’s finished, just select the student’s class name and then their student name and hit play.

**If you encounter a problem accessing the website from home, please contact the Timez Attack company at 877-356-7040


Our license lets you download the program to use at home. After the program is downloaded enter the same user name your child uses at school (first two letters of the first name and the last name with no spaces), the password “pass” and the account code “109340” It’s a very large program, the download will take a long time!