What parents are saying about motivating your child to read…

  • Stability. Reading in our home has been promoted mostly by (1) Bed-time at 8 pm (2) Reading 8-8:30 (3) Time to sleep!
  • Reading out loud as a family
  • Make sure they read “Every” day. When they miss a day, make sure that they make it either before or after.
  • Read out loud even when they know how to read themselves
  • Parent participation is the help that teachers need most. Be involved in your child’s school so that he/she will have success.
  • Internet is great, but kids still need to read books!
  • Limit computer and TV time. If there is no computer or TV option they go read and do other stuff.
  • My computer is placed in a central family area. When any of us have a question we go straight to Google. My 1st and 3rd grade children are constantly researching online.
  • It is very important to read to your child every night
  • Before they could read, I read to them every night from chapter books for 30 minutes, they both read very well now- and enjoy it!
  • Encourage proper keyboarding techniques
  • Patience and participation
  • The best motivator is that he has 45 min. required reading from his teacher.
  • It would be nice to have some reading reports, worksheets, assignment for my child to do – more work on reading comprehension would be nice
  • My child reads at least 2 hours a day, he is a huge reader and loves it. I usually don’t need to encourage him.
  • Spend time being a role model by reading yourself as well as to/with your child