Getting to Graduation

For those of the senior class who find the Senior Project to something of no real value, Graduation Capyou're not alone in that feeling. But instead of thinking of it as just something that has to be done to graduate, consider thinking of it as something that can make deciding what to do with the rest of you life easier.

This project can be so much more than community service hours that have to be fulfilled. Make this project something that you care about, make it in to something you can take pride in.

Key to SuccessThe projects ideas that you can choose from range from the more conventional to extremely innovative. You can do anything from working an internship to creating your own product. The limits on your project are not many and with enough drive and determination even very large projects can be accomplished. Make this project more than something you have to do; make something you want to do, make it you.

Making sure that you have enough time to do a project that you want to do is not impossible. If you can get your Letter of Intent in before the end of your junior year then you have your summer to work on your senior project. That does not mean you spend days on end working on it. It means you can spread out the work so that come spring you can enjoy your self more rather than panic about having everything done or not(In most case you will be anyway, but things will be easier.).