Emergency Response Poster

In an effort to continually provide a safe environment for students and staff and to effectively respond to emergencies, Blaine School District has adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) developed by the I Love U Guys Foundation. Our staff have already been trained on this protocol and our students will be introduced to it this month. The SRP provides consistent language, colorful visuals, and specific instructions in order to increase effective communication for our schools and first responders during emergency situations. Our schools will practice these responses several times throughout the year so that students and staff become accustomed to each of the 5 actions:

1. Lockout: A lockout is called when there is a threat or hazard outside of the school building.
2. Lockdown: A lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard inside the building.
3. Evacuate: Evacuate is called to move students and staff from one location to another.
4. Shelter: Shelter is called when the need for personal protection is necessary.
5. Hold: Hold in your classroom is called when the hallways need to be kept clear.

By standardizing the vocabulary, all stakeholders can understand the response and status of the event. For students, this provides continuity of expectations and actions throughout their educational career. For teachers, this becomes a simpler process to train and drill. For first responders, the common vocabulary and protocols establish a greater predictability that persists through the duration of an incident.

The SRP is being recognized and implemented in schools nationwide. Please click on the links below to learn more about the Standard Response Protocol and other emergency response information.

Blaine School District Emergency Response Brochure

SRPx Student-Parent Handout

Link to I Love U Guys foundation