Release of Resident Students

Pursuant to Policy 3140, a student residing in Blaine School District may be released to attend school in another district. This includes other schools in the area as well as online school programs operated by other districts. There are two options for the student's parent or guardian to request release from Blaine School District:

  1. Submit request online using the Washington State Choice Transfer Request Portal; or
  2. Complete a Choice Transfer Request Form. Once completed and signed, this form must be returned to the Blaine School District Office for processing. 
    Hard Copy: 765 H Street; Blaine, WA 98230 
    Fax: 360-332-7568 
    Email in PDF format only: choice@blainesd.org (Electronic signatures are not accepted.)

Nonresident Student Enrollment

Pursuant to Policy 3141, any Washington State student who resides outside the boundaries of Blaine School District, may apply to attend school in Blaine School District. 

  • Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school for their nonresident student(s). 
  • Requests for nonresident admission are approved for one school year only and must be renewed annually.  Renewal requests for the next school year should be submitted prior to the end of the current school year.

There are two options to apply for nonresident admission or renewal:

  1. Submit request online using the Washington State Choice Transfer Request Portal; or
  2. Complete a Choice Transfer Request Form. Once completed, this form must first be submitted to the student's resident district for release. Parents may contact their resident district directly to request release of their student. 

For assistance in this process, contact Blaine School District's Choice Coordinator at 360-332-0711 or choice@blainesd.org.