Remote Learning Resources & Responsibilities

In 2010 the Blaine School District board of directors adopted a policy for Online Learning which states, in part, "that a variety of learning options, including online courses and programs, are critical for 21st Century learners. The board recognizes that the online learning environment provides students with unique opportunities to become self-disciplined learners with life-long learning skills." At the time no one could have predicted we would start the 2020 - 2021 school year in a fully online model, but with that change comes the even more critical component of preparing our students to be responsible digital citizens. 

responsible digital citizenship

Students who utilize tools within the Google platform (Meets, Classroom, Email, etc.) and other online tools need to be respectful of school district staff and their classmates. 

Examples include:

  • The use of respectful behavior and language
  • Appropriate discussion of topics
  • Appropriate video transmissions
  • Appropriate use of online tools
  • No recording or capture of video or still images that are altered, used in inappropriate ways, or posted to social media or other platforms.
  • Dress consistent with school dress code for meetings held via video
  • Copying the work of others will not be tolerated
  • Impersonating others or falsifying information others online is not permitted
  • Utilize a neutral background when your camera is on
  • Avoid the support for or opposition to ballot measures, candidates, and any other political activity (as per BSD Electronic Resources & Internet Safety Procedure 2022P)

Expectations for Virtual Teacher/Student Meetings:

Virtual meetings held between school staff and students will be hosted via the Google platform at this time and could include others in the future. 

Prior to beginning the use of virtual meetings;

District and Campus Administrators will:

  • Communicate expectations for virtual meetings with staff, students and parents 
  • Determine times in which video conferencing will commonly be used
  • Virtual meetings will not occur outside normal school hours without prior notice to parents

Teachers will:

  • Review expectations of virtual meetings with all attendees
  • Establish clear expectations and norms
  • Review the process for students to mute their microphone. All students should mute their microphone during instruction. When the teacher decides a student should respond to a question the student’s microphone will be unmuted.
  • Remind students to select an appropriate location and dress
  • Prepare students for what to expect during the meeting and how they should come prepared
  • Make sure the space is visually school appropriate (check the background) and lighting allows for visibility of their face

Students will:

  • Be in a quiet, public space
  • Ensure background and clothing are school appropriate (if virtual meeting is on video)
  • Keep their microphone muted except when speaking with the permission of the teacher
  • Follow above rules for virtual meetings

Parents/Guardians will:

  • Review expectations, rules and guidelines with their children
  • Communicate questions first with the teacher, then campus administration