Emergency Procedures

Standard Emergency Response Protocols Link

Blaine School District routinely plans and trains (drills) for a range of potential emergency responses with the expectation that we are making every possible effort to best assure for the safety of students and staff. Click on the links below to access additional information.

Emergency Response Brochure
Standard Emergency Response Protocols
Emergencies Policy (3432) and Procedure (3432P)
News Feed Article Re: SRP Training (09-24-2019)
Superintendent Message Re: Emergency Planning & Preparation (03-01-2018)

Getting to School Safely


When to Stop for School Bus

Do you know when to stop for a school bus? Click here for information regarding when drivers must stop for a school bus when lights are flashing or stop bar is out.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning Clipart

Blaine School District is continuing to work collaboratively with community based resources to consistently and effectively address the social and emotional needs of students, while also providing parallel support to families. Click on the links below for information on the District's collaborative work in the area of Social Emotional Learning.