Thank You, Superintendent Ron Spanjer!

Thank you, Superintendent Ron Spanjer

In 2006, Blaine School District welcomed Ron Spanjer as the new superintendent. Originally from Eastern Washington, Dr. Spanjer came to Blaine with more than two decades of experience in education. After starting out as a second grade teacher in the mid-80s, he then spent 15 years in school and district level administration, in the Battle Ground and Port Angeles school districts, prior to his arrival in Blaine. In the past 13 years as the superintendent of Blaine schools, Ron Spanjer has remained true to his objective of providing all students with a safe and productive learning environment. Dr. Spanjer’s commitment to putting the needs of students first has been at the forefront of his work as an administrator. Under his leadership, the District has worked to ensure a high level of efficiency, and our schools have continued to pursue excellence in providing a quality education for all students. Ron Spanjer has announced his intent to retire at the end of this summer. On behalf of the District's Board of Directors, staff, and especially our students, we wish him a long and happy retirement.

Ronald C. Spanjer Ed.D. 
Email: rspanjer@blainesd.org