adult and child holding hands

All Blaine schools and buildings will be closed on Friday, May 27th. The district will be submitting a waiver to OSPI to avoid the need to make up this week’s missed instructional days, and we expect it will be approved. 

When talking to your kids about yesterday’s events, one of the most important things you can do is stick to the facts and avoid rumor and conjecture. We cannot overemphasize the facts in this incident; no one was found on campus who intended to do harm to students and no weapon was found on campus. This article also contains helpful and age appropriate tips for talking to children about this subject. 

During this break, we hope our staff and families take time to focus on strong self care by doing the following;

 Unplug - take the weekend to step away from social media and the news. Know that there are questions that can’t be answered at this time.

  1. Rest - slow down and invest in downtime to help your body and brain dissipate the stress of the past two days. 
  2. Connect - spend time with loved ones. This is tremendous medicine for the brain. 

We will continue to revisit wellness strategies in the coming days and weeks. If new facts regarding Wednesday’s incident become available to us, we will share them with you.