Blaine School District works with community nonprofit organizations and government entities to provide information to families about not-for-profit services for students by posting access to approved community fliers on the district website. These e-fliers give families a variety of local resources that have social, recreational or educational value for students.

For information on how to submit an e-flier for posting on this site, please contact the Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant, Tina Padilla, by email or at (360)332-5881.

Any material submitted for distribution must meet the guidelines outlined in Policy 4060 and its accompanying procedure.

"The community events/information on this site are NOT sponsored by the Blaine School District and the District assumes no responsibility for the conduct or safety of the event/activity. Permission to distribute this information should not be considered a recommendation of the program by the District. In consideration of the privilege to distribute these materials, the Blaine School District will be held harmless from any cause of action, claim or petition filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney’s fees and judgments or awards. The participants agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the District, its elected and appointed officials, employees, agents, staff and volunteers, from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, expenses, or rights of action, directly or indirectly attributed to the activities."