Mr. Gasper

Mr. Gasper

Welcome! Great things are happening here!

Welcome to these web pages, and welcome to the wonderful world of third grade! We are a fun little community of 24 students and one smiley, story-telling teacher. Room 417 in Blaine Elementary School is a place where we look for the good in others. We treat classmates the way we would like to be treated, and we put forth a ton of effort toward our learning each and every day.

Come on in and visit our classroom. Check out our work! And if you can’t make it in person, perhaps you might scroll through these pages instead to get a taste of what we’re up to. Do you like to read? The students here love to read. How about writing? We are writers! We’re also problem solvers, scientists, and artists.

So, get ready to think and wonder and ask questions and laugh. The work that we do isn’t simple and easy. Sometimes it’s really challenging, but Mr. Gasper and the other teachers at Blaine Elementary School give the students the tools and encouragement to build up their self-confidence to be successful.

So, thank you for visiting! Please come back again soon!

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