Our Classroom

Room 417’s Purpose Statement, Written by Mr. Gasper’s Third Grade Class

The main reason we are here in Room 417 is to learn. We want to be better readers and writers and solve math problems. We make safe choices by not hurting others or ourselves. Our class shows respect by listening to each other and Mr. Gasper. We tell the truth. We show responsibility by turning in our homework and class assignments. Students should play fairly and talk nicely to others. This year in third grade our goals are to do our best, to make friends and have fun!

After the morning routine and flag salute each morning our class says the Learner’s Pledge:

“I am a learner.

I can do this work.

Craftsmanship and effort will pay off for me.

This is a community of friends, and I belong to it.”

What is the Morning Routine?

These are the important steps what we do every morning before 9:10 to begin the school day. Students may choose the order of the steps:

  1. Take out your binder and put your backpack in the closet.
  2. Get a chair for your desk.
  3. Open your planner on your desk to be signed by Mr. Gasper. Get out any homework to be checked.
  4. Make a lunch choice. Move your lunch magnet.
  5. Sharpen pencils.
  6. Use the restroom, if needed.
  7. Begin the morning work. If you finish your morning work, read a book independently.
When may I use the restroom?
  • Before 9:10
  • When the restroom pass comes to you in the morning
  • When the restroom pass comes to you in the afternoon
When may I sharpen my pencils?
  • Before 9:10
  • After 2:50
What if my pencil breaks?
  1. Use one of your back-ups.
  2. Borrow from a neighbor.
  3. See pencil sharpening times [above]
What are the rules of this classroom?

They are the same as our school’s rules:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be responsible
  3. Be safe
  4. Be productive
What if I don’t finish my work in class?

It’s extra homework for you--due the next day.

Uh-oh! What should I do if I forget my homework?
  1. Tell Mr. Gasper.
  2. Turn it in as soon as possible--like first thing tomorrow!
  3. Lose one ticket.
Ticket? What are the tickets for?
  1. Five tickets are given out at the beginning of the week.
  2. Be responsible and respectful = Keep your tickets
  3. At the end of the week, any tickets you have left will be entered into a drawing for cash and prizes! ...... Uh, okay, maybe not cash.
What do I do if another student is bothering me or keeping me from doing my work?
  1. Talk to the boy or girl.
  2. Politely ask him or her to stop. (“Stop it, please.” OR “Would you please stop?”)
  3. If the bothering or teasing doesn’t stop, tell Mr. Gasper or another adult.