Dear Students, Staff and Families, 

Blaine Police Department has informed us that an arrest was made early this morning in relation to the threatening text messages that resulted in our district wide lockdown on Wednesday. You can read their press release here, and we will defer all questions regarding the criminal investigation and arrest to them. 

We are preparing to welcome staff and students back to school on Tuesday, and are thankful the threats are no longer a looming concern. With this resolution we can now focus on processing the many emotions surrounding the lockdown itself. Whatcom County’s Mobile Response Team will be on hand Tuesday to support both staff and students. Additionally, Animals as Natural Therapy will be at the front entrance to each school building with animals to welcome people as they return. 

One highly recommended strategy in helping students recover from traumatic events is to maintain the structure and routine of their daily lives. This is another reason we look forward to welcoming your student back to school on Tuesday. 


Dr. Christopher Granger, Superintendent