Blaine High School Homecoming Dance rescheduled on Saturday, October 22


Revisions Considered for Student Drop-Off Protocol at Blaine Primary
In the Fall of 2015, the City of Blaine and, more specifically, the Blaine Police Department, requested that the student drop-off and pick-up point on the Blaine Primary School campus be moved out of the front parking lot. This area was becoming increasingly more dangerous for our students and their families. While the solution to the issue was much safer, it has not necessarily been viewed by many parents as either efficient or convenient. As an alternative, the District is considering the designation of the last lane of the upper parking lot, directly adjacent to the wider sidewalk and the fence, as a drop off point in the morning. It would be intended that parents could pull into this area, get their student to the wider sidewalk, and not have to walk the student all the way to the school. This area would be monitored by staff, and there would be a crossing guard at the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps. In order to make this plan a safer situation for students on the sidewalk, we will need to re-stripe 20 parking spaces at an angle, and also install extra curb stops. Parents would exit out Borderite Way, which is a lane with much less outgoing traffic in the morning. For those parents desiring to park and walk their student(s) all the way to the school, spaces in the lower parking lot will still be designated for this purpose. Once we have the angled parking spaces painted, and the curb stops in place, a more detailed timeline for initiation will be provided. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to the Kindergarten corner!

Each month, we will be providing an update on our exciting launch into full time Kindergarten! We’ve dedicated extensive time and resources to planning an ideal program for our littlest learners to thrive in as they develop social, emotional and cognitive skills; setting them up for future success. Our program is informed by research as well as the wisdom and experience of practitioners. It is based on high leverage practices for early learning and childhood development and heavily grounded in the Washington State Full Time Kindergarten Guide. Please check back for news, ways to connect, and fun stories of our journey into full time Kindergarten.

Our Commitment: We are committed to providing a high quality learning environment for all our students that is a balance of teacher-directed activities, child-initiated play, and focused, experiential learning with daily time for playful, intentional learning centers

Why it matters: Play and academics are not an “either or”. For developing children, play is an essential element in learning. We have high standards for math, language and literacy, social and emotional skills, and provide experiences for children to reach these rigorous standards in ways that embed the love of learning in their minds.

School Calendar Adjustments Pending
On October 6, power was restored at Blaine High School after an electrical surge on September 28 resulted in major damage to the electrical panel room and adjacent classroom walls. We remain very thankful that there were no injuries when this after-hours incident occurred. During the school's closure, K-12 students missed school on September 29 and high school students missed an additional three days. Blaine School District is in the process of reviewing options for making up the lost days of school. At the regular meeting on October 24, the Board of Directors will review a proposed request to the state (OSPI) to waive certain missed days. We anticipate making up two of the days on future dates and requesting for a waiver of the other two days. More information will be provided after the October Board Meeting. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work through this process.

Blaine Police Department Requests Release of Information
The Blaine Police Department has asked that the following statement be posted to the School District website. We will cooperate fully with the Police Department with respect to the communication of any issues that have the potential to be threatening to our staff and/or students. The Blaine Police Department will also be putting this information out through Facebook, as well as posting to their website. We are greatly appreciative of their support in this process.

At approximately 8:30am on Thursday, October 6, the Blaine Police Department received information from a concerned parent about possible threats being made on social media targeting Blaine School District students and staff. An investigation was immediately conducted and it was determined no actual threat existed.

Three 12-year-old Blaine Middle School students were found to have displayed some extremely poor judgment when they took part in the cloning of a Creepy Clown social media account. They used the newly created accounts to share a post and send messages via various social media outlets in an effort to frighten their fellow students. Officers are continuing to investigate the matter to determine if charges may be appropriate.

In light of the growing epidemic of school violence in our nation, we believe there is no such thing as a harmless prank when it threatens the safety and welfare of students or staff in our schools. Any such threat will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

Student safety
Crosswalks, Drop Off & Pick up Information

Parents of K-5 students are encouraged to help stress to children the importance of using only supervised crosswalks so that all students arrive at school or home safely. Please take a moment to review the District's Crosswalk Supervision Schedule which can be accessed by clicking here or under Student Safety in the "Parents & Students" drop-down menu.

Blaine Primary School parents are reminded that drop off/pick up information can also be linked from Student Safety in the "Parents & Students" drop-down menu. In September of 2015, Blaine School District implemented a new drop off/pick up procedure in cooperation with Blaine Police Department's concerns regarding both traffic and pedestrian safety on Boblett Street. Due to recent inquiries regarding the rationale for this drop off/pick up procedure at the Primary School, a link to this information is also being provided here.

Washington State 2016 Healthy Youth Survey
Blaine School District is participating in the Washington State 2016 Healthy Youth Survey during the weeks of October 10th – 21st. The Healthy Youth survey includes questions related to physical activity and diet, unintentional and intentional injury, substance use, risk and protective factors, access to school-based services, and sexual behaviors, abuse and orientation. Survey results are used by schools, communities and state agencies to plan programs to support our youth and reduce their risks. The Healthy Youth Survey is given to students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 across Washington State. Participation in the survey is voluntary and the students’ answers are anonymous. Please click here to read the Parent and Student Notification flyer for more information about the Healthy Youth Survey.

Late Start

Late Start Schedule Resumes
Blaine School District has adopted a schedule of late start days during the school year for the purpose of providing teachers with time for training and professional development. On late start days, buses run 2 hours late and the school day in Blaine begins at 10:20 a.m. The next late start day will take place on Monday, October 10. A full school year calendar, including reference to the applicable late start schedule, can be accessed here.

Blaine Primary School Opens With Capital Improvements Complete

Construction work was completed just in time for students to arrive on the first day of the 2016-17 school year. The community’s investment in this educational facility is poised to make an incredible difference for our students and their learning!

  • The new music room, located in what was formerly an outdoor covered area, now provides students with expanded opportunities to make joyful noise throughout the school year.
  • Our K-2 students are able to play at recess in a fully enclosed and covered 7000 sq. ft. area during inclement weather. This area also provides supplemental instructional space.
  • Approximately 145 Kindergarten students arrived on September 6, 2016 for their first full day of school. The recently completed classroom wing provides the necessary space to accommodate our new full-time Kindergarten program.
  • The additional classroom wing also provides reciprocal space allowing us to facilitate a Head Start program for Blaine families.

PS Addition

Capital Projects

Blaine High School Project Moves Forward

In June of 2016, the Board of Directors of the Blaine School District awarded a contract to SpeeWest Construction, the lowest overall bidder on what will be three consecutive phases of construction on the Blaine High School campus.

Staff and students are now sharing in the excitement of watching Phase I of this work progress. In the design of the new facility, we have taken into consideration the fact that all students will soon be expected to acquire an expanded number of credits in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Fine Arts, and World Languages. For many students, these credits will be acquired through the completion of coursework in Career and Technical Education, as they seek to gain early technical skills in areas of personal interest. Future Blaine High School students will have access to technological learning resources, and the ability to link to information in the most efficient manner possible. Blaine High School is poised to remain a model for purposeful, engaged and effective learning.

Phase I of the project is scheduled for completion in August of 2017, and will include the cafeteria, a small theatre, CTE shop and classroom space, the kitchen, the band and choir rooms, the greenhouse, and the tennis courts. Phase II, which includes a two-story classroom building connecting Phase I to the Science Building, will be underway in late June of 2017, and will take approximately 14 months to complete. Phase III, which includes renovation of the library and office areas, will be underway in June of 2018. Construction of new stadium seating is slated for consideration as part of Phase III, as we wait to determine the full scope of available funding for this portion of the overall project.

We look forward to being able to provide our students and staff with a safe, responsive, adaptive, and inspiring facility that ultimately serves to support both individual and collective teacher and learner needs and interests.


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The Fall Sports Season is Underway


Summary Report on 2015-16 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN progress

At the June 27, 2016 meeting, the Annual Summary Report was presented to the Blaine School District Board of Directors detailing Comprehensive Plan progress for the 2015-16 school year. The Comprehensive Plan represents both District and individual Building/Department work slated for the program year. The integration of Common Core State Standards, new State Assessments, and the new Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project presents uniquely complex challenges across the system. The staff of the Blaine School District will continue to strive for maximum efficiency in this work, while committing to making those decisions that best assure for higher levels of overall student performance.
Long Range Plan

Community Fliers Available Online

Blaine School District works with community nonprofit organizations and government entities to provide information to families about not-for-profit services for students. These include sports programs, youth organizations, youth-oriented activities, etc.

Informational fliers, which were previously distributed during classroom time, will now be available at the new Community E-Fliers web page.  E-fliers give families ready access to a variety of local resources that have social, recreational or educational value for students. Hard copies of these fliers may also be available to pick up in school offices. The Community E-Fliers web page can be accessed using the link in the left column or by clicking here.

Standards, Assessment and Evaluation Planning Continues

Expectations remain high for 2016-17 to be a productive year for the students and staff of the Blaine School District.  Specifically, we will continue to see three significant state directed initiatives take shape at the building and classroom levels.

1.  The continued integration of the highly rigorous "Common Core State Standards" at all grade levels in both Mathematics and English/Language Arts.  To learn more about the Common Core State Standards please visit: http://k12.wa.us/CoreStandards/default.aspx

2.  The transition to a new State Assessment System ("Smarter Balanced Assessment") which aligns with the new "Common Core State Standards", while placing a higher level of emphasis on incremental measures of student progress.  To access information about Smarter Balanced Assessments please visit:  http://k12.wa.us/SMARTER/default.aspx

3.  The implementation of a new evaluation system for both teachers and principals, with accountability to the verification of consistent academic growth for all students.  Blaine School District has selected the "CEL 5D Framework" evaluation model for teachers and the "AWSP Leadership Framework" model for administrators.  More information about teacher/principal evaluation models can be accessed here:  http://tpep-wa.org/

This overall body of work has easily represented one of the most ambitious (collective) undertakings being assumed by school districts over multiple decades.  The staff of Blaine School District remains up to the challenge, as we continue to aspire to do all that is possible to assure for the highest possible level of positive impact on the academic progress of all students.

Community Information
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College Bound

State Report Card

Blaine School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, pregnancy, marital status, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities. Inquiries regarding compliance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX Officer and/or Section 504 coordinator. Our Title IX Officer, Christine Anderson, and the Section 504 Coordinator, Randy Elsbree, can be reached at 360-332-5881 or 765 H Street, Blaine, WA 98230.  Policy #3210.