Incidents of Chickenpox

Dear Staff, Students and Families,

As you are aware we are in the heart of the cold and flu season, and we are constantly monitoring the health and safety of our staff and students. In addition to coronavirus we continue to monitor other illness instances as well. We have had a cluster of children who have been diagnosed with chickenpox (varicella) in our district and are working in conjunction with the Whatcom County Health Department to monitor this situation. As chickenpox is easily spread the Health Department recommends vaccinating to protect your children and others in the community.  

The presence of chickenpox in our district is a separate event from the cold and flu season. Those most susceptible to chickenpox are those who have not been vaccinated, pregnant women, and those with weakened immune systems. As with all illness, it is recommended people remain home at the first sign of illness to prevent the spread to others.

We want to reassure you that the district is following all recommendations to slow the spread of communicable diseases. We have included information from the Whatcom County Health Department related to this recent presence of chickenpox in our district. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the district office at 360-332-5881.  


Dr. Christopher Granger