2022 - 2023 SCHOOL YEAR


 Dear Families, 

 We are Excited, Optimistic, and Ready to launch the 2022 - 2023 school year! We have a strong sense of hope for the coming year. We believe in creating a safe, caring, and respectful environment so that EACH student can learn. We are dedicated to cultivating academic persistence and excellence in our students. We believe this will empower them to grow as learners and influence positive change in our community and beyond.

 Our teachers have been meeting and planning in anticipation of this school year to help students become proficient readers, writers, and problem-solvers. This summer teachers have been involved in collaborative work in math, science, literacy and Social and Emotional learning.

We will launch the year with several culture building activities, so students feel safe in school, know they belong, and develop strong Social and Emotional Learning skills (SEL). SEL is the process through which young people learn and develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions. (casel.org). When students have strong SEL skills, they form stronger relationships and are more successful learners.

 We look forward to greeting students on August 31, the first day of school.  

 Darren Benson, Principal


All students in grades K-12 will be issued a chromebook for the new school year. A parent or guardian will be required to attend an information session prior to the chromebook being checked out. Visit our Tech Help page to schedule an appointment to pick up a chromebook.


Blaine Schools will be continuing to utilize Google Classroom.

Accessing your student’s Google Account:

  • Logging in: Open a new browsing window. Visit www.google.com and locate the sign in button at the top right corner.

  • Username: your student’s login is their first.lastname@stu.blainesd.org (nospaces). Example~ harry.potter@stu.blainesd.org

  • Passwords K-12: Blaine# + Student PIN. Example: Blaine#1234 (students receive their PIN in person from their teacher or school librarian.)