Stadium Logistics

At our first home football game we experienced longer than normal wait times at the ticketing gate. We have been working to resolve these issues and to also adjust our plans to make things go smoother tonight when the Borderites take on King, kickoff at 7 P.M. It’s also been awhile since our students have been able to all gather to support one another, so it seems a good time for a reminder about behavior expectations. 


Adult, H.S. Students without ASB Card,                             $7.00
and M.S. Students without Appropriate Supervision

Visiting H.S. Students with ASB Card, and                       $3.00
3-8 Students with Supervision

K-2 Students with Supervision                                                 no charge
(A list of Blaine students who have purchased but
not yet received their card will be at the gate.)
*K-5 Students are not permitted without Supervision

Military ID, Senior Citizens (age 62)                                    $3.00

Attached is a picture of the new flow to our entry gates. We appreciate your patience with this. Many teams in our conference are facing similar issues, and we feel very fortunate to have the staffing and facility to take double the usual amount of traffic (4 gates instead of 2). Our gates open at 5:30 pm, and it is highly encouraged that you come before 6:40. For everyone’s safety, the parking lot between the stadium and the high school will be closed to the public. Please be kind to our Event Staff! 

  • 2 Cash Lines: These will be located next to the greenhouse in the old ticket booth. Once you receive your ticket, you can go into the pass entry gate on the east side or the next eastern gate that is accepting debit/credit cards.

  • 2 Cash/Credit Lines: After you pay and receive your ticket, continue through the gate and hand the ticket to the ticket taker.

  • Pass Gate: This gate is for those who have bought Season Tickets, Blaine Students with ASB cards (there will be a list at the gate for those who have purchased but not yet received their cards),have Admin Passes, or NWC Passes. This is located on the East side and you do not need to be in any lines for tickets.

 Yes, we do have season tickets. They are $10 per ticket tonight (only $3 more than the original ticket), and they give you the middle section orange seats (backrests and center of the field). If you are interested in buying some tonight, go to the cash line and say you want to try out those seats. You will pay for tonight’s game, and after the game you can choose if you want to keep the seats and pay the remaining cost for the season. These seats can be reserved not just for this year, but years following as well. Many school districts have season tickets, and it's pretty neat that our seating has actual numbers, backrests, and are in a great location. 


  • Animals other than service dogs will not be permitted

  • Skateboards, Noisemakers, Balls, etc. are not allowed

  • Students are expected to remain in the stands unless visiting concessions or restrooms. Students are not permitted to be loitering or wandering around within the stadium grounds. Students will be given one reminder to return to and stay in their seats. Any subsequent incident will result in the student being asked to leave the event. 

  • Students are not permitted re-entry to the stadium. They may not leave the gates and return. 

  • There is no running in the spectator areas of the stadium. 

  • Any students attempting to go underneath the bleachers will be asked to leave the event. 

  • Behavior expectations for school also apply to school sponsored activities and activities occurring in school facilities. 

We want students to come out and support their friends and peers in their extra curricular activities, and we also want these events to remain enjoyable for everyone in attendance. Go Borderites! 

Thank You, 

Scott Ellis, High School Principal
Beth Eide, High School Assistant Principal
Chas Kok, Athletic Director