APRIL 16TH, 2024



MAY 21ST, 2024


2024 - 2025 PTO

All board positions are open! Email the PTO if you are interested.

Voting will occur at the May 2024 meeting!

a)  President

 The President shall serve as the primary contact for the principal and school administration, preside over all monthly and special meetings, coordinate/delegate the work of the Executive Board members in order that the Mission statement be promoted, ensure that all PTO business is conducted in accordance with approved bylaws, policies and procedures. The President shall also oversee PTO fundraising activities, programs and develop new ones as needed. They shall work with the Secretary to prepare meeting agendas and serve as an authorized signatory on PTO checks.

b)  Vice President

The Vice President shall act as an aide to the President, perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence or inability to serve, assume the responsibilities of any Executive Board position in their absence, inability to serve, or vacancy. They will have login information to the PTO email account and assist the Secretary in correspondence, and review the bylaws annually. The VP will assure that meetings are conducted in accordance with the bylaws, advice on proper procedures and serve as an authorized signatory on PTO checks.

c)  Secretary

The Secretary shall keep all records of the PTO organization including, but not limited to:  take and record meeting attendees and minutes, voting results for all Proposals/Requests, keep a copy of all minutes and PTO bylaws, file annual business and legal documents, maintain insurance policies and coverage requirements. The Secretary shall coordinate with the President on drafting meeting agendas; distribute and publish meeting minutes and agendas; ensure notices to the Executive Board and membership on meeting dates and PTO related event schedules.

d)  Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be the official custodian of all PTO financial records, budgets and keep an accurate record of all PTO funds as approved by the Executive Board. All grant requests, reimbursements and financial reports as stated herein shall be presented at monthly regular meetings. The Treasurer shall account for all money received and make bank deposits on a weekly basis, or as needed. The Treasurer shall ensure payments are issued in a timely manner with required signatures and approvals. The Treasurer shall be an authorized signatory on all PTO checks.

e)  Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator shall work closely with the Executive Board, members and volunteers to ensure the appropriate volunteers are present when needed for PTO sponsored events. This position is responsible for recruiting new volunteers at the beginning of each school year, maintaining a volunteer contact list, managing volunteer social media pages, organizing volunteers for various events, and supporting all PTO events.

*f) Public Relations

This position is new and the bylaws have not been updated. The public relations officer is responsible for Social Media and Peach jar communications. 

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