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Blaine Middle School Fundraising for Student Activities

Blaine Middle School's Fall Fundraiser started Thursday, September 13, and the kids are excited!  The middle school fundraiser supports Cultural, Athletics, Recreational and Social activities for Blaine Middle School students.  Some of those include:  purchasing, athletic uniforms and equipment, brining in motivational speakers, and promoting a safe school community through programs like Rachel’s Challenge.

What you can do to help:
1. Register your child at gaschoolstore.com and send 20+ emails to friends and family who may support your child.  Our store ID is 5024187.  Online Sales will count toward prizes!
2. Share our Fundraising link bit.ly/blainemiddle through text, email, and social media. 
3. Help your child sell items from the catalogs in the packet.  

Students are taking orders for chocolates and other snack items, magazines, and NFL/MLB/NCAA Fan Flags.  We also have over 1500 items online to order from including magazines, kitchen items, jewelry, stainless steel and collegiate tumblers, and more!  We are hoping that every family will share this fundraising project with as many friends and family as possible! Plus…one of the prizes this year is for the students to earn a field trip to Arena Sports in Mill Creek at only 16 items sold!  Students will have access to an indoor soccer field, mini-bowling, and unlimited arcade and game play for our 90 minutes there!

Thank you, as always, for your support! 

Mr. Vander Yacht - Assistant Principal
Mrs. Butschli – Fundraiser Coordinator
Blaine Middle School