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College CampusGetting to college is not easy, never has been, and when you have to do everything while still in your senior year of high doesn't make it any easier. A majority of high school students don't understand the process, but that's what the Career Center is for, to help those students get what information they need. Asking for help shows that as a senior in high school that you know when you are out of your depth and know when to get help. When you take that step you grow. Besides isn't growing part of what you do in college?

College Campus

As we grow up, moving from elementary school through middle school on up tohighschool, we can't wait to be older. But as the end of our senior approaches fears of what we are suppose to do next can plague us. All of a sudden everythingthat our parents, teachers, and adult friends have done for us is going to be our own responsibility. That can be down right terrifying for some seniors. But college isn't just where you earn a degree in a specific field of study it's where you further your education in what you need as an adult.

Maybe the idea of being somewhere that everyone is a stranger is not comforting, but that doesn't mean it can turn out to be an amazing experience.

Listening to the adults in your life talk about how great their college experience is probably boring, but it can be useful as well. To find out how college is like for our own generation, why not contact those friends that graduated last year, or the year before and see what they have to say. You might be surprised.