Advisor: Jennifer Wheeler
Phone: 360-332-6045



Pre-order your yearbook today! You may purchase a yearbook online at

All students will be invited to a signing day at the end of the year to receive their book. It is very important that your student keep their receipt in order to pick up their yearbook... Please do not wait until the end of the year to purchase a yearbook. We have a limited amount and may sell out.



Class of 2021 senior pictures are due Friday, December 4, 2020, for inclusion in the senior section of the Yearbook. However, we will accept them anytime before that date. Please be aware if you do not submit a picture and do not get a school picture taken your student will not be in the senior section of the yearbook. Do not feel that you have to spend a lot of money on senior pictures, Mrs. Wheeler would be happy to take a few pictures at school, your senior just needs to make arrangements.


  • A picture saved at 300dpi in a JPEG format emailed to Mrs.Wheeler at Please include the senior's name in the subject line. If you do not receive a reply from Mrs. Wheeler, that means she has not received the photo. It is your responsibility to contact your photographer and have the picture sent if that is what you choose.

  • Pictures should be PORTRAIT ONLY (head and shoulders/torso).

  • Keep Backgrounds neutral… nothing too busy, we will crop if needed so we can see your smiling face.

  • Please, no props near head or face; no full-body shots or images where senior is laying down or resting on arms/hands; no low-cut shirts. Choose neutral colors, nothing wild and full of pattern. No cars, animals, or props, no black and white photos. No selfies, and keep the school dress code in mind. This picture will forever be in your senior yearbook.

We do reserve the right to not use a picture deemed inappropriate.