Senior Project

Timeline for the Year - The Timeline includes important dates throughout your senior year.

Project Description & Choices -The Project Description explains primary choices concerning your project decisions.

Letter of Intent Instructions - The Letter of Intent Instructions detail how to complete your proposal.

Mentor Agreement Form - Along with the letter of intent, you will need to complete the Mentor Agreement form.

Parent-Student Agreement Form - Along with the letter of intent, you will need to complete the Parent/Student Agreement form.

Letter of Intent Cover Sheet - Once your letter is written and your forms are completed, submit all paperwork to your advisor in a packet including the Advisor Pre-Approval form and Letter of Intent Cover Sheet. The cover sheet details the order of items in the packet.

Advisor Pre-Approval Form for Letter - Once your letter is written and approved by advisor submit all paperwork to the Career Center.

Evidence Gathering Explanation - To understand the required evidence and how to verify the project's authenticity, read the Evidence Gathering Explanation.

Role of Mentor Explanation - Be sure to give your mentor the Role of Mentor Explanation as soon as possible; he or she must be aware of the required duties.

Internship Evaluation Form - If you are doing an internship, use the Internship Evaluation form.

Donation Verification Form - If you are donating money to a charity, use the Donation Verification form.

Student Self-Evaluation Essay -After your project is complete, write the self-evaluation essay.

Mentor Evaluation - Have your mentor sign and verify the Mentor Evaluation form judging your accomplishments.

High School & Beyond Plan-Everything goes in your portfolio; so be sure to keep track of your progress using the Portfolio Checklist.

High School & Beyond Advisor Approval -Check list for advisors for final approval.

13th Year Plan Prompts - You are required to complete a 13th Year Plan Narrative.

Advisor Approval Form for Letter to Judges - Your advisor must approve your final letter to the judges.

Letter to Judges Explanation - This explanation will detail what is required in your formal, business letter to the judges.

Senior Boards Evaluation - This is a copy of the evaluation what will be used for both your practice speech and your formal board before the judges.

Senior Boards Explanation - This covers topics, requirements, and recommendations to help with Senior Boards.