The Blaine School District administers several programs through the Federal and Special Programs office at 770 Michell Ave. (‘The Round House’ - adjacent to the Blaine Schools District Office.) This office coordinates and provides oversight for programs including:

♦ Special Education Program

♦Title 1 Services - (Gr K-5 reading support)

♦LAP (Learning Assistance Program) - (Gr 6-12 reading/ Gr. 9-12 math support)

ELL (English Language Learner)- (Pull-out and/or inclusion provided Gr K-12)

Migrant & Bilingual education

♦Section 504 coordination - (Evaluation, accommodation under Civil Rights Law) Policy & Procedure

504 rights.pdf

♦High Capable Learners/ Challenge Program - (building specific service to referred and eligible students)

21st Century

♦Family Service Center

♦Drug Alcohol Intervention Services -(Provided in conjunction with Family Service Center)

♦School Nursing Program- (Community health issues and school nursing service)

These Federal/State supported programs are available throughout the Blaine School District campus.