Blaine School District values the support of our community in making improvements to our campus facilities. Our district is privileged to have had the opportunity to make much needed improvements to multiple facilities with resources approved by voters. As fiscal agents and representatives of the financial support shown by our community, we are committed to the responsible use of our resources and management of our capital projects.

Birch Bay Property Purchase for Future School Site
School Board Resolution No. 1415-04 directs the district to purchase land for the next new school siting to be located in the Birch Bay community. After pausing during the pandemic, the district is still currently evaluating property for feasibility of development and is committed to delivering on its promise to secure land to house a new elementary school as approved by voters in the 2018 Technology and Capital Projects Levy.

Blaine School District Replacement Levy and Capital Bond; Remember to vote on February 13!

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Superintendent, Blaine School District

Please remember to vote on February 13!

Capital Bond Proposal

Blaine School District has two important local funding measures on the Special Election ballot this February 13, 2024.

  • Replacement Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy, which supports funding for learning and educational programs, services, and staff that are underfunded by the state (formerly called M&O levy)

  • Capital Bond to fund updates to school and school use facilities that would support all students and the greater community.

Through careful planning and strategic timing, the bond and the levy combined are estimated to keep local tax rates the same as 2024 rates*, while making major updates across the district. That’s because the proposed bond, if passed, would replace an expiring capital levy and other existing bonds.

The proposed $70M bond is a long-term funding option, similar to a mortgage, which would be paid off over 25 years and would provide money for large capital projects. Bond rates are projected to stay flat at around $0.76 per $1,000 of assessed property value through 2046. That means tax rates are expected to remain at 2024 levels*, which include both the expiring capital levy and other existing bonds.

  • The new bonds would raise $70,000,000. The total debt service, with principal and interest over 25 years, is projected to be $130,395,000.

  • A home valued at $500K in 2025 could expect to pay $6,618 spread over the 25-year life of the bonds to 2046, assuming 2% annual valuation growth in the district. 

  • The actual debt service amount will depend upon actual interest rates, terms, issue dates, and Assessor valuations.

Tax rate per thousand estimated through 2046

A Deeper Look at Proposed Bond Projects
The School District’s Facilities Advisory Committee made up of community members, parents, and staff, met monthly from February to July 2023 to evaluate the greatest areas of facilities needs within the district. Their months-long analysis led to the recommendation of this bond plan to the school board.

  1. The Pipeline Fields updates: creating easier-to-maintain facilities

    • Addition of turf, batting cages, concessions, and restrooms

    • This facility can be used by the entire community

  2. Point Roberts improvements: playground expansion and the addition of lighting for safety, security, and supervision.

    • The playground and lighting improvements are based on needs shared in community feedback.

  3. Replace aging and outdated middle school instructional spaces (1956 construction) and update the Performing Arts Center (PAC) - no updates in 20 years

    • The PAC is a school resource used district and community-wide.

    • With all students attending the middle school at some point, it is one of the spaces in the school district that has the most student activity.

  4. Development of preliminary designs for Birch Bay School: As part of the proposed bond project, surveyors and architects will be engaged to develop preliminary designs for a new elementary school in Birch Bay. After pausing during the pandemic, the district is still currently evaluating property for feasibility of development and is committed to delivering on its promise to secure land to house a new elementary school and this bond will bring us one step closer to the new school becoming a reality.

  5. Updates to aging electrical and mechanical systems across the district: replacement of electrical and mechanical systems in buildings across campus.

Estimated earliest project timelines

NOTE: Tax exemptions may be available for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and those living with a fixed income. Contact the Whatcom County Assessor’s Office for more information.

*Tax rate projection calculations based on 2024 property valuation inflated annually by 2%.