Special education services are available for young people ages birth to 21 who may have special needs. Special concerns may be with hearing, vision, speech, language, health, learning, developmental delay, behavior management, birth defects or other disabilities. If you have a student you feel may have some special concerns, please contact our office.

Special education services are provided to those students who require specially designed instruction in order to benefit from their general education instruction. These students are identified through a process that most often begins at the teacher/parent level. Each school has a guidance team comprised of teachers, counselor, administrator, school psychologist and possibly other specialists (speech/language pathologist, nurse, occupational therapist) who review students that are of concern. This team will include parents if special education discussion is anticipated. The guidance team is intended to facilitate student learning and may recommend any number of actions toward improving student success. If, however, the recommendation is for special education evaluation, parents must provide written permission prior to assessment. This permission allows testing but a further written consent would be required prior to any change to the students program. If a student is found to meet the state guidelines for eligibility for special education, the school and family will work together to develop an Individual Education Program (IEP)….a document to identify the annual learning goals for the student.

Services provided are tailored to each student and may include access to some of the special education programs linked below.

Federal & Special Programs

Dawn Walker - Executive Director of Federal & Special Programs

Rebecca Potts - Program Assistant

Larissa Dhanani - Program Assistant